Berlin Interdisciplinary Alliance for Multilingualism (BIVEM)

The Berlin Interdisciplinary Alliance for Multilingualism (BIVEM) is a collaboration between scientists specializing in language acquisition and experts with backgrounds in education and therapy. This interdisciplinary cooperation allows for the quick implementation of language support in preschool and primary school education based on the new research findings of the collaborators. The alliance was initiated by the Centre of General Linguistics in Berlin (ZAS) and was launched with financial support from the Berlin Senate.

There is a high rate of migrant children and adolescents in Berlin, about 40 %, and approximately one third of these children show a delay in language development in German. This can lead to problems and difficulties at school since the language skills of children have a significant impact on their educational success. Therefore, high quality language support is necessary.

A study on language support methods for multilingual children is currently being conducted within the framework of the BIVEM project. You can read more about this study under research topics.

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Brochures in the series „Science for Life“

The BIVEM series of informational materials was brought to life by the BIVEM alliance with the goal of providing information to educators, parents of multilingual children and other interested audiences. It aims to highlight various topics related to “Achieving Bilingualism” in a brief and informative format. The brochures are already available in German, English, Russian, and Turkish. Additional brochures on new topics and translations into further languages are planned.

All of the brochures can be viewed and downloaded under: 

Brochures and Download.

Due to high demand, we are only able to send a total of up to 100 brochures free of charge to your organization. For larger orders, the shipping cost as well as a small financial sum for each additional order of 50 brochures will be charged (orders in multiples of 50, at 10 € per 50 brochures).

Are you interested in the series of informational brochures and would like to order a free sample packet with a *selection from all 4 series and languages? Then write to us at the following address: bivem(at)!

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